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How Indian Handicrafts can be used by Architects & Interior Designers?

Jain Exports has a huge collection of artisanal talents that have been passed down through the generations. With a shift in design ideals from complex to meaningfully basic yet artistic, a new era of Indian handicrafts began. Architects and interior designers are now embracing art to revitalize spaces, which is an age-old tradition. They provide an essential link to the past and a strong sense of identity when incorporated into the architecture and interior design.

Why should you use Indian handicrafts?

In a country like antique dealers in India, it's the ideal approach to carry on our heritage, diversity, and rich culture. With so many options in traditional handicrafts, upholstery, and furniture, there are plenty of reasons to engage in the best home décor. Indian handicrafts are one-of-a-kind and extraordinary. And your lovely home is deserving of such furnishings.

Handicrafts from India with a twist

  • Handcrafted products such as buddha bust, god statue, brass bust, antique wall piece, vintage sculpture, eagle, Nandi cow, and elephant showpiece, among others - are the most sought-after ornamentation of this art form in India and beyond.
  • You've got a personalized wall clock ready to attract everyone's notice and appreciation. Choose a large dial with only three-time needles.
  • Jain exports is a dealer in India for antique products such as Jharokhas, colonial furniture, antique sideboards and pitara, brass, and copper products. They are a low-maintenance, foldable, lightweight, and silverfish-free version of a carpet. 
  • And many more handicrafts and antique products in India, which you can explore for your home at Jain Exports.

Each item of handicraft made in our country is a magnificent creation, and architects and interior designers make the most of it to enhance the beauty of our houses and lives.


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